This week at STMC started with the Baptism of little Shiloh at our Family Service, who delighted our hearts with her spontaneous approval as we happily welcomed her into our family.


Shiloh’s Baptism was followed by the welcoming of 26 new members into our STMC community.  How Blessed we are! From the youngest to the oldest we welcome you and are eager to journey together with you through the years.


Our Children from The Orchard helped us celebrate family with their impressive reciting of “The Ten Commandments”, and Tim’s message emphasized the need for us to be more childlike in our walk with the Lord.  The Youth helped with various Steward Duties and helped to bring worship to the congregation.  There was also a lot of cake eating that took place in the foyer afterwards…That was Sunday!


Wednesday saw 2017’s first Women2Gether meeting.  Hugely anticipated!  A big ‘shout out’ to the ladies who decorated the tables so thoughtfully and beautifully.  An atmosphere of  happy friendly laughter prevailed, as women from various Plett Churches and its surrounds came together to listen  to the testimony of Averil Grobler.  As we listened to her  harrowing and miraculous story we were encouraged to hear how God led her from a place of trauma and suffering to a place of healing and wholeness.  Averil’s message was given further meaning and depth through the singing and song choices of Christine. Pastor Colleen concluded our meeting with prayers and encouragement to Averil and Christine and a blessing on their ministry.

We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us as the week brings us step by step closer to another family gathering!