Reading:    Psalm 123


  1. I lift my eyes to You, the One enthroned in heaven.
  2. Like a servant’s eyes on His master’s hand, like a servant girl’s eyes on her mistress’s hand, so our eyes are on the LORD our God, until He shows us favor.
  3. Show us favor, LORD, show us favor, for we’ve had more than enough contempt.
  4.  We’ve had more than enough scorn from the arrogant and contempt from the proud.

The idea is like a waiter or a butler standing behind their master seated at dinner. The servant looks to the hand of their masters for the slightest indication of need or want, to instantly meet the need. With that same intensity, devotion, and steadfastness the Psalmist looks to God.

Read Acts 3:1-7. Let’s take a look at your temple diagram.

Acts 3:5.  “So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them”

Look at each of the following phrases and the impact they have on one another.

Where I look → What I hear → What I feel → What I expect

How could the same concepts in your approach to God impact your life?

Let’s hear our wonderful Father God say to us today, “Look at Me!” How worthy is He of our gaze?

God is described in Psalm 123 as, The One Enthroned!

Students of sound biblical theology will discover that Christianity is a thinking and reasoning person’s belief system.

Psalm 123:1 intimates that one chief reason God is worthy of being the One to whom we lift our eyes and fix our focus is because He is “enthroned in heaven.”

Look at Psalm 22:3-4 / Psalm 29:10 / Psalm 99:1 / Psalm 113:4-6

Nothing operates outside God’s sovereign rule, including any prince or principality of earth or air. We’ve all heard the phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” God is the ultimate exception to the saying – Psalm 22:3 (NIV) tells us, God is “enthroned as the Holy One.”

These are a few of the reasons why He is worthy of our fixed attentions. These are also a few of the reasons why everything else will downsize into its proper place when we look to God alone.

May I ask you a question? What is one of your foremost concerns today? (Complete the following sentence.)

Lord, you are the Holy One and You are alertly and lovingly enthroned over………………………………………………………………………………………..

God calls us to look to Him, seek and find Him, but He wants us to approach Him on His terms, based on who He really is. Not as we think we’d like to make Him.

Q – What do you think you’d do if you thought you had God completely figured out?

Q – What if you could learn to use God like a tool and get anything you wanted?

After the psalmist set his gaze on the One enthroned in heaven in Psalm 123:1, he affirmed his position as His servant in verse 2.

So let’s take a moment today as we conclude and sense Christ’s gaze upon you, His Beloved.