13/01/2019: Rescue Mission

Psalm 29:1-4

1 All of you angels in heaven,
honour the glory and power
of the Lord!
Honour the wonderful name
of the Lord,
and worship the Lord
most holy and glorious.

The voice of the Lord
echoes over the oceans.
The glorious Lord God thunders
above the roar of the raging sea,
and his voice is mighty and marvellous.

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society

Acts 8:14-17 (CEV)


14 The apostles in Jerusalem heard that some people in Samaria had accepted God’s message, and they sent Peter and John. 15 When the two apostles arrived, they prayed that the people would be given the Holy Spirit. 16 Before this, the Holy Spirit had not been given to anyone in Samaria, though some of them had been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 17 Peter and John then placed their hands on everyone who had faith in the Lord, and they were given the Holy Spirit.


Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society

Luke 3:15-22 (CEV)


15 Everyone became excited and wondered, “Could John be the Messiah?”

16 John said, “I am just baptizing with water. But someone more powerful is going to come, and I am not good enough even to untie his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. 17 His threshing fork is in his hand, and he is ready to separate the wheat from the husks. He will store the wheat in his barn and burn the husks with a fire that never goes out.”

18 In many different ways John preached the good news to the people. 19 But to Herod the ruler, he said, “It was wrong for you to take Herodias, your brother’s wife.” John also said that Herod had done many other bad things. 20 Finally, Herod put John in jail, and this was the worst thing he had done.

The Baptism of Jesus

21 While everyone else was being baptized, Jesus himself was baptized. Then as he prayed, the sky opened up, 22 and the Holy Spirit came down upon him in the form of a dove. A voice from heaven said, “You are my own dear Son, and I am pleased with you.”


Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society


  1. Do any verses from the readings for this week stand out for you?
  2. If Jesus is known in our land, it will be because there are people who “confess with their lips” that Jesus is Lord. What does this mean for you to live your life this way?
  3. The Kallima butterfly has beautiful colours on its upper wings so it can be recognised when in flight but has drab underwing colours to camouflage itself and become “invisible” when it has landed. Is your faith colourful and noticeable, or camouflaged?
  4. People who confess with their lips that Jesus is Lord, must first believe with their hearts. What does it mean for you to live your life this way?

The German philosopher Nietzsche said, “I will not believe in the Redeemer of Christians until they show me, they are redeemed.”

1.  “If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, you will want to share this with others.” Do you agree?

2.  Why is friendship evangelism such a powerful tool for church growth?

God bless for the week ahead.

Rev. Tim