Read John 1:43-51.

  • In this passage, Nathanael had to reassess an assumption (that the Messiah would come from a town of importance. Nazareth was tiny and unimportant). What would Nathanael miss if he held on to his assumption that nothing good could come from Nazareth? Name a time in your life when you had to reassess an assumption.
  • Do you find it difficult to recognize the goodness of God at work in the life of someone else – especially if that other person is someone you do not like, or a person from another culture? Do you believe that God can bring something “good from your life?”
  • Why is it so difficult for many of us to have conversations with others about our personal faith?
  • While some might see difficult faith conversations as futile (i.e., “I know what I believe. You know what you believe. We’re not going to convince each other, so what’s the point?”), what good might result from having these conversations with others?
  • Will you share your faith with someone this week?