Do what you can, it’s a journey of a lifetime and not a 1 hour sprint


This week we’re invited to reflect and contemplate how we see ourselves, which in turn influences how we live out Christ-followership.  We recall that Paul wrote something that suggests the following:

You are someone in whom Christ dwells and delights”

Can we begin with an invitation to a challenge? Somewhat of a reality tease if you will?

Maybe you’d like to RSVP? Yes? Here it is: True or false?

“There are people referred to as ‘sinners’ in the Gospels – agreed! However, apart from Paul’s statement of ‘being the chief sinner of those whom Jesus came to save’ (1 Timothy 1:5) Christ followers are ONLY referred to as Saints in the rest of the New Testament, never sinners”

How does the above possibly influence our picture we, you, me have of ourselves as a fChrist-follwer?

Invitation for this week:

Monday’s invitation: Read Psalm 139: 1 – 12 –  and see if and  how it possibly adds to our picture of God – and rest in that for a while.

Tuesday: Let’s reflect on Paul’s theology in Colossians 1: 24-29.  Imagine, “Christ in you!”  What thoughts, emotions, and maybe even arguments rise within you?  Christ in you! AND, here’s the picture of the “Christ in you”: Colossians 1:15-20

Be invited to rest in that fact: Christ is in YOU for today and tomorrow . And all the tomorrow to come

Thursday: Let’s reflect on being a Saint over the next few days … yes, it needs time ….

If we read Paul’s introductory verses in Colossians, Ephesians, Thessalonians – we, you, me are reminded:

You are a Saint in whom Christ dwells & delights”

And we may have noticed three characteristics of Saints – Faith, Hope and Love … let’s not be anxious if some are not always present.  Afterall, Christ is in us, changing us “from one state of glory into another.” Is it not interesting that that is how Paul evaluated the health of the congregations of the day?  Now be invited to turn to the book of Revelation (Note: its singular – Rev 1:1 “THE revelation …..”) and consider Revelation 1:10 – 3:22  and note the names of the congregations.

As we read these letters to the congregation in various places, we may notice that there is an emphasis on the same three characteristics Paul used: Faith, Hope and Love …. And ‘Deeds’ are sometimes added in the James 2:20-24 manner – relating to Faith..

Shall we go through and see how they pan out and discover which of the above characteristics are possibly missing, which are present and what the letter says about them all?

Keeping our affirmation ever before us: “You are a Saint in whom Christ dwells & delights”, we have opportunity to now reflect on how these letters should guide us through our life’s Christ-following journey?

The following order is proposed….Left to right and following ….

Ephesus: Rev 2: 1- 7 Pergamum: Rev 2: 12 – 17) Thyatira Rev 2:18-27)
Smyrna: Rev 2: 8-11 Sardis: Rev 3: 1-6 Philadelphia: Rev 3: 7 – 13
Laodicea: Rev 3: 14-22

What about St Thomas?  mmmmmm let’s continue to pray: Faith, Hope, and Love into our lives!!


We are a community of Saints in whom Christ dwells and delights,

And God, is not finished with us, yet!”

We’re invited to live this out.  Let’s sensitively encourage one another to do just that, shall we?

Have a great week,  Saints of St Thomas.