There are five questions that are usually helpful when reflecting on a Sunday message.
1. What was the principal reading? (It would be helpful to read that passage again)
2. What did I learn that was new to me?
3. Was there an ‘aha’ moment? (Sometimes related to ‘2’ above or ‘4’ below – but not
4. What did Holy Spirit nudge my heart about?
5. Based on the above, what do I need to ‘do’ or ‘become’?
6. Who am I going to share some or all of the above with?

These may be helpful …….
The gospel writer, Luke (8:1) highlights Jesus main focus in his teachings. Jesus addresses
this often, maybe there are some of his teachings on this that you can recall.
Jesus’ last words was to the ‘embryonic church (his disciples) that cocooned … and
caterpillar’d into a butterfly of a church at Pentecost’ (Matthew 28:19-20).
The Liverpool Football Club slogan ‘You’ll never walk alone’ is very fitting for Christ
followers. Jesus taught it. Jesus did it. Are we not thankful that Jesus still does it! And we are
‘the body of Christ’ …

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