Connect Group Study Notes: 27 February 2022  

 Theme:  Seeing the Glory 

 Readings:  Exodus 34:29-35 and Luke 9:28-36 

 Fellowship (10 min)   

Begin with general conversation and sharing about how the past week has gone. Try not to go over time. 

 Worship and Prayer (15 min)  

Click on the link below on your smartphone, Smart TV, or computer, to select songs to sing; and then spend a few minutes in song and prayer.  


PLETT METHODIST YOU TUBE CHANNEL SONG’S PLAYLIST:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbsAkwbV_S1vXdZVPkZ0_tQW5n9RqeZX0 

And if you need to check on the Message for the week again, then click on: 

PLETT METHODIST YOU TUBE CHANNEL (MESSAGE): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1X4YYw1KLpda1yGnqKgfw 

This time of worship and prayer will encourage you to move your thoughts from daily worries and pressures to our time of Bible study and prayer. 



The Scripture for this week is the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration, remember that Transfiguration has a lot to do with transformation. 

The reading contains some pieces that seem “over the top” or even supernatural. As you read, read slowly. Really try to visualize what is happening. Put yourself in the story. What do you see? How are you feeling? What is going on? 

Read:  Luke 9:28-36 


Discussion Questions (Approx. 30 min) 

  • How do you think Peter, John, and James reacted to seeing Jesus’ face and clothes change (in verse 29)?  
  • How would you react if you saw what Peter, James, and John were seeing? This is the moment of transfiguration. Their perception of Jesus changes! Have you experienced times where the way that you saw someone changed, or the way that you understood another person changed because of something you saw? 
  • What do you think the Luke passage means when it says that Moses and Elijah appeared “in glory” (v. 31)? 
  • Why might it have been significant that Moses and Elijah were speaking to Jesus about “his departure” (or your translation might use the word ‘exodus’)? 
  • When has God amazed or astounded you? It might be a positive example, such as, “looking into a clear night sky” or a negative one such as “Why didn’t God heal that person?” 
  • Have you ever been astonished by the church? Again this might have been a positive experience such as — “They were there for me in a time of need”— or a negative one such as — “People asked me not to come back.” 
  • Why do you think Peter wanted to stay on the mountain of Transfiguration (v. 33)? 
  • What is God trying to do when God speaks in verse 35? Compare that to what God says at Jesus’ baptism from a few weeks ago. How similar are these statements from God? What does this tell us about Jesus? About the relationship between the Father and the Son? 


Faith Building – to think about this week: 

Moses, Elijah, and Jesus apparently discussed Jesus’ departure in Jerusalem (v. 31). Yet Peter wanted to stay at this site of revelation and epiphany. Peter really wants to stay, even when the mission is clearly to go somewhere else. How can the church have a similar mindset of wanting to stay in its current state instead of seeking to be about the mission of God in the world? How can we, individually, have a similar mindset about being reluctant to face change? 


Prayer(10 min). Share prayer requests and then pray together. 


Sending Prayer(2 min). End by praying the following or a similar prayer: 

God of Transformation, we confess that we are reluctant to change, even when it might be for our best. Help us to trust and rest in knowing that for whatever change happens, your love will remain constant. Empower us to trust that your grace is leading us toward holiness and even being filled with your glory. Amen. 


Have a great week. 

God bless, 



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