LENT SERIES: Gathered up in Jesus

Sunday 13 March 202, Under the wings, reflection

Isiah 49:8-16; Luke 13:31-35;

EXPERIENCE the story

Jot down anything that strikes you as you read and experience the story in Isiah 49 and Luke 13.

  • What are the similarities between these two passages?
  • Which verses were you drawn to more than others?
  • Why would you say those verses stood out for you?
  • What else struck you in the stories?

EXPLORE the background, context and related aspects

Where were the Israelites when the words of Chapter 49 were uttered.? What does Isiah 48 (Especially v20) suggest?

Page through an New International Version (NIV) and/or New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of scripture and note the inserted headings:

  • What was the historical situation of Israel?
  • What was Isiah’s main focus? (Especially chapter 9)
  • Why is Isiah’s core focus important to Israel’s predicament?
  • How did Israel respond to Isiah’s core focus, central message?

ENGAGE the story with real life situations

After spending some days with Gordon Cosby, Founder of the Church of the Saviour, drawing fro Gordon’s pastoral wisdom, Trevor Hudson asked him whether he had anything to say about him sharing the Gospel on the suffering continent of Africa, Gordon responded: “Always remember that each person you see in the congregation sits next to his or her own pool of tears.”[1]

  • Let’s each consider what is in our own pool of tears.
  • Why should Cosby’s statement be so meaningful to us?
  • How is Isiah’s words in Chapter 49 aligned to Cosby’s approach?
  • How to you relate to Cosby’s response? To Isiah’s words from 49:8-16?

EXPAND your life as a Christ Follower

Journey with these ‘how to listen to a Sunday message’ or ‘how to read a passage of scripture’ questions:

  • From the above, what did I learn?
  • What emotion or spiritual awakening did the narratives / Sunday’s message stir within me?
  • What do I need to do or become?
  • What are my next steps?

[1]  Hudson, T. 2003. Touched by Resurrection Love: Finding Hope Beyond Our Tears. Cape Town, SA: Struik Christian Books