Connect Group Study Notes:  8 May 2022 

Theme:   Get Up! 

Readings:  Revelation 7:9-12 and Acts 9:36-43 


Fellowship (10 min)   

Begin with general conversation and sharing about how the past week has gone.  Try not to go over time. 

Worship and Prayer (15 min)  

Click on the link below on your smartphone, Smart TV, or computer, to select songs to sing; and then spend a few minutes in song and prayer.  


And if you need to check on the Message for the week again, then click on: 


This time of worship and prayer will encourage you to move your thoughts from daily worries and pressures to our time of Bible study and prayer. 


Read Revelation 7:9-12:   

Take time to let the imagery in the story unfold in your mind so that you can picture the scene that John is describing. What words come to mind as you read the passage? Are we as a church, and are you as an individual, prepared to worship “with everyone” (see vs. 9) irrespective of who the “other person” might be? What might some of the challenges be that such an inclusive worship of God brings to the church? 


Read:  Acts 9:36-43 

The key phrase for this week is “Get Up!”  

Our scripture reading today happens after Tabitha, also known as Dorcas, a beloved and trusted member of the church in Joppa, dies. This is in the book of Acts after Jesus has ascended and the apostles are working to grow the church. 


Discussion Questions (Approx. 30 min) 

  • What do you think everyone in the community thought about Tabitha? Why do you think they felt this way? 
  • What would have been your reaction if you were there and had seen Tabitha die? 
  • How would you have reacted if you had been there when Tabitha came back to life? 
  • What would Tabitha’s being raised have meant to the community of believers? 
  • Who might be the “Dorcas” of your community? Do you know a person devoted to good works who seems to be the relational center of the community? 
  • What might Peter have felt when he was asked to come, and he saw the grief of the people and their relationship to Dorcas? 
  • How is this story like stories of Jesus in the Gospels? Might Peter have had flashbacks to the ministry of Jesus? 
  • How is Peter continuing the ministry of Jesus?  


Faith Building – to think about this week:  

  • How might this story be calling us to live? How does the ministry of Jesus continue through the church today? 


Prayer(10 min). Share prayer requests and then pray together. 


Sending Prayer(2 min). End by praying the following or a similar prayer: 

God of Resurrection, you have called us as your witnesses to “Get up” and follow you. We acknowledge we can do so only through the power of your Holy Spirit. Help us to discern where the Holy Spirit is guiding us and calling us as your witnesses. Amen. 


Have a great week. 

God bless, 



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